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Valid for versions 82 through the latest version




This feature allows you to redirect one domain to another domain. For example, you can use this feature to temporarily redirect visitors while you disable a website for maintenance.

When you configure a domain forwarder, the system assigns the next available address in the IP address pool as the forwarding IP address. After the system configures the forwarding IP address, you must properly configure the domain’s DNS records. To do this, enter the forwarding IP address in the zone file’s A record. Then, use this interface to redirect traffic from one domain to another.

  • Any server can host the forwarding domain. However, the domain’s A record must point to the IP address of your domain forwarder.

  • For permanent domain forwarding, read our Park a Domain interface documentation. For information about setting up aliases, read our Aliases interface documentation.

Create a domain forwarder

To set up a domain forwarder, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Click to Create.
  2. Click Setup Forwards.
  3. In the Domain column, enter the domain whose visitors you wish to redirect.
  4. In the Redirection URL column, enter the domain or subdomain to which you wish to redirect visitors.
  5. Click Save Map. A confirmation message will appear.

Disable domain forwarding

To disable domain forwarding, click Click to remove domain forwarder.

File locations

The system stores forwarding IP addresses in the /var/cpanel/domainfwdip file, and it stores the forwarding map in the /var/cpanel/domainmap file.


We strongly recommend that you use this interface to manage domain forwarding and do not edit these two files directly.

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