How to Purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server License


LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in replacement for Apache servers. LiteSpeed reads Apache configuration files directly and is compatible with the Apache .htaccess and mod_security rules. You can purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server license from the cPanel Store within WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4).

  • This document is for cPanel & WHM 78 and later. To install LiteSpeed Web Server in cPanel & WHM version 76 and earlier, follow the directions in LiteSpeed’s Auto-installer documentation.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server uses the lsphp binary. It does not use the system’s PHP-FPM implementation in WHM’s MultiPHP Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager).

  • Hosting providers can disable the LiteSpeed Web Server banner for their licensed servers from Manage2’s Update Company Information interface (Manage2 >> Company >> Update Company Information).

  • The LiteSpeed Web Server is not compatible with the mod_status Apache module. When you install LiteSpeed Web Server, WHM’s Apache Status interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Status >> Apache Status) will no longer function. Instead, use the LiteSpeed Web Console interface to check the server’s status. Also, the system will report file not found errors for the /var/www/html/whm-server-status file in the Apache log file.

When you purchase LiteSpeed Web Server through the WHM interface, the following actions occur:

  • You receive a LiteSpeed Web Server license.

  • The system installs your new LiteSpeed Web Server and configures itself to use the LiteSpeed Web Server.

  • The system switches from the Apache web server to LiteSpeed Web Server.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server replaces Apache on ports 80 and 443, which replaces Apache on your system.

Choosing a license tier

cPanel, L.L.C. offers the following two custom LiteSpeed Web Server license tiers:

  • LiteSpeed 8GB — Includes 8GB RAM limit and one worker process.
  • LiteSpeed Unlimited — Includes unlimited RAM and three worker processes.

RAM limit

The RAM limit applies to the server or virtual private server (VPS). If your server’s physical memory is greater than 8GB, then you must use LiteSpeed Unlimited.

Worker process

The number of workers determines how many processes LiteSpeed Web Server uses, limiting the CPU resource needs. There is one LiteSpeed Web Server process per worker.

Purchase license

To purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server license and install LiteSpeed Web Server on your cPanel & WHM server, perform the following steps:

Initiate the license purchase process

On the server for which you wish to purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server license, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to WHM as the root user or as a reseller account with root-level privileges.

  2. Navigate to WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4). The LiteSpeed Web Server banner will appear at the top of the interface.

  3. The interface will display a license offer appropriate for your server’s hardware:

    • LiteSpeed Web Server – 8GB License — For Cloud-licensed servers with less than 8GB of RAM.

    • LiteSpeed Web Server – Unlimited License — For Metal-licensed servers and Cloud-licensed servers with more than 8GB of RAM.

  4. Click the license offer. A new interface will appear.


If the LiteSpeed Web Server banner does not appear in WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4), one of the following conditions exists on your server:

  • You already own a LiteSpeed Web Server license in the cPanel Store.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server is already installed on your server.

  • Your hosting provider disabled LiteSpeed Web Server purchases.

Log in to the cPanel Store

If you have already logged in to your cPanel Store account, the system will request access to this account. Verify that the interface displays the correct cPanel Store username and server name, and then click Allow Access. A new interface will appear.


To log in as a different cPanel Store account, click Sign In as a Different User and perform the necessary steps to log in to the desired cPanel Store account.

Verify and complete your purchase

When you buy a LiteSpeed Web Server license through the WHM interface, you must choose between a Metal or Cloud license type. Currently, you can only buy monthly licenses through the WHM interface. The system will automatically detect the IPv4 address to license. Verify your license order, accept the legal agreements, enter or select the desired payment information, and then click Pay Now.

  • After the cPanel Store successfully processes your order, a confirmation message will appear. You will also receive an invoice email from the cPanel Store.

  • If the cPanel Store experiences problems with your order, an error message will appear. Also, you may receive emails from cPanel Customer Service to help you resolve the issue.


After you complete the purchase, your server will automatically download and install LiteSpeed Web Server. The LiteSpeed Web Server Installation interface will appear. This interface shows the installation’s progress. It also displays an administrator username and password.


You must record this username and password. The LiteSpeed Web Console in the LiteSpeed Plugin interface requires the username and password to log in.

When the installation finishes, click Continue to LiteSpeed Plugin to access WHM’s LiteSpeed Plugin interface (WHM >> Home >> Plugins >> LiteSpeed Plugin).


To switch between LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache, use the LiteSpeed Web Server plugin interface (WHM >> Home >> Plugins >> LiteSpeed Plugin). For more information, read LiteSpeed’s cPanel Plugin documentation.

After you successfully purchase a license, the LiteSpeed Web Server banner will no longer appear in WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4).

Find your LiteSpeed Web Server serial number

To find your LiteSpeed Web Server serial number, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the cPanel Store.

  2. Click Account Log In. The Sign In interface will appear.

  3. Log in to your cPanel Store account.

  4. Click Manage Licenses. The Manage Licenses interface will appear.

  5. Scroll down to your LiteSpeed Web Server license.

  6. Click the caret icon (). The Actions menu will appear.

  7. Click View Serial. Your LiteSpeed Web Server serial number will appear.

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