Edit Zone Templates

Valid for versions 86 through the latest version





This interface allows you to edit the templates that cPanel & WHM uses to create DNS zone files for new domains. You may wish to use this interface when you use custom DNS configurations.


The system does not transfer custom DNS zone templates. When you transfer an account with WHM’s Transfer Tool interface (WHM >> Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool), the system ignores these zone templates when it recreates the account on the destination server. You must recreate any custom DNS zones on the destination server after you transfer the account.

Edit templates

To edit a template, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the template type that you wish to edit. The template will appear. You can choose from the following template types:

    • simple — Edit the template for domains with only an A entry.

    • standard — Edit the template for domains on a dedicated IP address, addon domains, or parked domains (aliases).

    • standardvirtualftp — Edit the template for domains on a shared IP address.

  2. Make the desired changes to the file.

    • For more information about the available template variables, read the Variables section below.
  3. Click Save.


You can use the following variables within DNS zone template files:

  • %cpversion% — The version of cPanel & WHM.

  • %domain% — The domain name.

  • %ttl% — The domain’s Time To Live (TTL).

  • %nsttl% — The nameserver’s TTL.

  • %rpemail% — The contact email address.

  • %serial% — The zone record’s serial number.

  • %nameserver% — The primary nameserver’s hostname.

  • %nameserver2% — The secondary nameserver’s hostname.

  • %nameserver3% — The tertiary nameserver’s hostname.

  • %nameserver4% — The quaternary nameserver’s hostname.

  • %nameservera% — The primary nameserver’s IP address.

  • %nameservera2% — The secondary nameserver’s IP address.

  • %nameservera3% — The tertiary nameserver’s IP address.

  • %nameservera4% — The quaternary nameserver’s IP address.

  • %ip% — The domain’s IP address.

  • %ftpip% — The domain’s FTP server’s IP address.

  • %maildomain% — The hostname of the server that handles the domain’s mail.

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