Reset Account Bandwidth Limit

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version




If an account’s bandwidth quota does not match the quota for the account’s package, this interface enables you to reset the account’s quota. For example, if an account’s package has a 500 MB bandwidth quota, you might change the quota to unlimited in order to stop bandwidth limiting. You could then use this feature to return the account’s quota to the package default (500 MB).

This interface only displays accounts for which the bandwidth value does not match the package default.


You cannot use this feature to redefine an account’s bandwidth limit to anything other than the package default. To change the bandwidth quota to any other value, use the Limit Bandwidth Usage interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Limit Bandwidth Usage).

Reset bandwidth limits

To sort accounts by the domain, user, current bandwidth limit, or package bandwidth limit, click the appropriate heading in the table.

To reset an account’s bandwidth usage limit to its package default, click Reset to Package Bandwidth Limit for the account that you wish to modify.

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