How to Restore Missing FTP Interfaces in cPanel


This document describes an unsupported workaround. We do not guarantee that it will work in the future. We strongly recommend that you return FTP services to a managed state.
Your server’s RPM-based services may use the unmanaged setting, even if you did not change the RPM’s target settings. For more information, read the Why is my service’s RPM set to unmanaged? section in our How to Set or Unset RPM Management documentation.

If you set your server’s FTP service to use the unmanaged setting, you may experience problems with cPanel’s FTP-related interfaces. In cPanel & WHM version 11.40 and later, cPanel uses a touch file to determine whether cPanel displays FTP interfaces. Also, cPanel only displays FTP-related interfaces if a system administrator enables FTP for the user.

Resolve the touch file problem

Use the touch command to create the /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ftp file. The file determines whether cPanel will display FTP interfaces.

To do this, run the following commands:

mkdir -p /var/cpanel/dynamicui/
touch /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ftp
The unmanaged FTP RPM may delete the touch file during an upgrade. If this issue recurs on your server, always run this command after any updates or upgrades.

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