Backup User Selection

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version




The Backup User Selection interface allows you to exclude cPanel accounts from your scheduled backups.

Backup user selection

When you configure a backup in the Backup Configuration interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration), your backups include cPanel account information by default. To exclude a cPanel account from your backups, set the Enable toggle to Disable. The system saves your changes automatically.

To disable or enable all cPanel account backups, click Account Actions and select the appropriate action.

Legacy backups


We strongly recommend that you migrate your legacy backups to the current account backup system. For more information, read the Backup System Migration documentation.

If your system still contains legacy backups, the Legacy column appears in the Backup User Selection interface. cPanel accounts that use legacy backups will have the Enable toggle set by default. A cPanel account may have both legacy and account backups enabled at the same time.

To exclude a cPanel account from using legacy backups, set the Enable toggle to Disable.


When you exclude a cPanel account from using legacy backups, the action only prevents a cPanel user from creating new legacy backups. To migrate all legacy backups in your server to account backups, use the Backup System Migration interface.

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